Pari Ka Amal 1 Din Ka | परी का अमल 1 दिन का

Pari ka amal 1 din ka, “If you want to execute a fairy, then it is very important to be strong and strong in your heart. When you want to call an angel, always keep two things in mind. The first thing is that when you want to smuggle a fairy, the fairy looks scary. Second thing, if you will follow the intention of friendship with the angel, pari ka amal 1 din ka परी का अमल 1 दिन का, then the angel will not give you any harm. You should make Allah your friend before you befriend Allah with any kind of guilt. You can make a friend to Allah by offering prayers and zakat for 5 times.

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It is natural for this angel to be smug, that Amil Som be a ban on Salawat. And shara be punctual, pari ka amal, Nafs’s explicit and biotic conditions are enforced. Amil read this Azimat Mubaraka with 7 yumamas Naga and dieting Jamali Jalali 360 times. Aval and Akhir Durud Sharif are 11–11 times lazmi. In this practice, the fairy can also come on the third or fifth day. But it is imperative to complete 7 pieces of life. Blessed with the angel. And also ask how to meet again. Befriend the angel and take only legitimate work with her. Amal has been written below.

Pari Ko Bulane Ka Amal

Fairies can be practiced from children to the elderly. The method of implementation is that this practice is done inside the mosque in loneliness, close to night. In 40 days, this practice should be read 125,000 sexual and a quarter of a million times. Burn the scent Implement the time only. Dieting, Jalali and Jamali.

3 days will be present on the last day. Hazrat Sheikh Abdulqadir Jilani vowed to stay among them. And ask for a sign to call again. Do it again and do Hisar. You have to physique Hisar. The way to do Hisar is first read 1 time Durud Sharif. After that, read the chair for 11 times and give it to yourself.

Pari Ko Hazir Karne Ka Amal

Let us tell you that this practice is an experience of hundreds of times. Hazrat Rauhaniyat and Hamzad and Jinnat and Pari light up the prison to see and help him in the plow pond Masayal (Bakhur). Kundar White ‘Post Khashkash’ Samundar Fog ‘Frankincense’ Jafran ‘Man’s Hadiya’ Pisa Coconut ‘Junaid Beddar. We should burn all these things by weighing them and making them clean and sitting at exactly 12 o’clock in the night. You have no need to be afraid. Bila Khou and Jantar continue to execute.

Important note: It is natural to take the honor or else your life may also be in danger. There will be no responsibility on Sahbe Musnif Mofleaf. So before applying it must be respected.