Buri Nazar Utarne Ki Dua, “Treating Nazar-e-Bada is behaving zarori or you can take life. In Islam, buri nazar utarne ki dua, the evil eye has been described in the nakedness of Asar. Isliye, you destroy, Zarori is the answer, and whom else should Allah say to Masha. When you include Allah Ta’ala in everything, then Satan cannot enter Satan. If someone close to you has become a victim of bad eyesight, then pray that you take care of these Quran Sharif and get rid of this problem.


The eye of acquittal is more than left. Kai Mubaba log Your brother’s good sense, your brother is aware of your issue. If you feel engaged and you are praying in the Quran Quran. Inshallah, at some point my survivors will get Zaro Arum. Bari Nazar often gives leftover milk to the thief, these friends are buried in Teej Bakhar. Agar Bapa Bach is crying or even if no one is coming my name is seen.

Put in the bare of the Quran and make your remaining equal. Barring Nazar Sarf children, Naahi Bade has been spoken. You go on saying that it destroys business. If you feel like how you look in business, then you are busy praying for the Quran and get engaged in your work. Insha Allah Bahot Jalad it isar asarega and the name of you will improve.
Whoever has seen us, our eyes are very important.

Therefore, pray that you look at the Quran in the bare and use it. When you do not look at someone, they will not get tired. Aap nazar utarne ki dua in Quran hasil karne ke liye humare molvi sb. Se Rabat, he will share you with poor Tarka Sahi, insha Allah, very much we will be sorry. The blessing of the blessing of the Quran was not known in every case.

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